Korean War Memorial (Seoul, South Korea)

We traveled to South Korea July 4 weekend 2015. The war memorial boasts a nice set up of aircraft, water craft and land vehicles outside. We were able to look inside the cockpits, read descriptions and find the crafts from our country. Each craft was labeled and stated which country it came from. From the outdoors you are ushered in through an impressive walkway with … Continue reading Korean War Memorial (Seoul, South Korea)

Living Abroad (Okinawa, Japan)

Living abroad can be a scary thought when you have never traveled outside of your home country. It is scary and also exhilarating. When we first found out we would be moving to Okinawa, Japan I was not knowledgeable about Okinawa at all. So what does anyone do at that point??? GOOGLE! Google of course provided me with pictures of whale sharks, beautiful beaches, and … Continue reading Living Abroad (Okinawa, Japan)

Our Coleman Bunkhouse Camper

We purchased our Coleman Travel Trailer in 2016. (We are still looking for a name if you want to help us out!) We love this trailer. It is a bit large for our current family size but that means more room for activities! The camper comes equipped with a living room slide out and an awning. Our favorite feature is the outdoor space. The awning provides shade from … Continue reading Our Coleman Bunkhouse Camper