Traveling Overseas: Dogs to and from Okinawa

As soon as we discovered we were moving overseas we began planning how to get our pets to Okinawa. Japan is a rabies free country and requires your pet to have a microchip, two rabies vaccines, and a FAVN blood test (in that order). The test determines the concentration of rabies antibodies. When this is complete you must submit an import request to the government … Continue reading Traveling Overseas: Dogs to and from Okinawa

Living Abroad (Okinawa, Japan)

Living abroad can be a scary thought when you have never traveled outside of your home country. It is scary and also exhilarating. When we first found out we would be moving to Okinawa, Japan I was not knowledgeable about Okinawa at all. So what does anyone do at that point??? GOOGLE! Google of course provided me with pictures of whale sharks, beautiful beaches, and … Continue reading Living Abroad (Okinawa, Japan)