Snorkeling: Fear and Excitement

After living in Okinawa for 2 years our very close friends came to visit. Naturally they wanted to go snorkeling. I was not prepared to tell them I was TERRIFED of all things in the ocean though I loved the beach. The day came to snorkel at Okuma on the Northern Part of the island. The water was clear, blue and beautiful. The sky was clear and sunny. The Japanese captain explained the layout of the coral and the drop off locations and said have fun! I was nervous but I was not going to show fear. I got my gear on and jumped into the water. The most amazing thing happened… I got my mask situated and began to float on my stomach. I started looking around the coral and quickly got lost in the beauty of the ocean. My husband and I were swimming side by side and all the sudden he stopped, grabbed my ankle and pulled up next to me. He was pointing towards the bottom and about 20 feet in front of us. I followed his gaze and my eyes discovered a ball of sea snakes swimming towards the bottom of the trench. While intrigued and stunned I turned around and swam back towards the boat. I didn’t want to get out of the water just away. My husband later told me he had no idea I could swim that fast. I wasn’t even swimming very hard! The ocean while beautiful in Okinawa is also dangerous so we kept our eyes peeled. To prepare for our snorkel trip everyone except my husband purchased a rash guard (he decided to appear as a lobster after swimming). The hour spent snorkeling got me hooked! We saw moray eels, bright fish, coral, sea snakes, and anemones. I will never forget the time spent in Okuma and Okinawa and look forward to the possibility of seeing it again one day!



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