Courtney (entrepreneur, hippie soul, eclectic)

Do you ever find yourself searching the internet for such random topics that your auto fill is always confused? ME TOO! I wanted to create a space for like-minded folks to gather and discover new topics or projects. Knowledge is power… we have all heard this but I believe that no knowledge is bad knowledge. Something that might seem trivial now could be helpful in the future.

Who is Courtney? I dabble in gardening, soap making, blogging, school, and many other things. When using words to describe myself I am hard pressed to find just a couple. Free-spirited is the best way I can find to describe myself. I have been described as an old soul and find this an amazing compliment. I enjoy camping, crafting, going to school, and helping others.

This blog will be a collection of tutorials, humorous happenings, life hacks, and bits of
knowledge picked up along the road of life. I invite you to interact with me tell me what you want to know! I will do my best to find someone that specializes in what you are interested in. If you want to contribute to my blog reach out to me! The best way to learn is to get many different points of view and teaching methods. I am trying to build a community where we can go for support, and knowledge. Join me in building our community.

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